Next-Generation Hotel Technology

We help accommodation companies become more competitive by developing and implementing technological tools that simplify management, automate administrative tasks such as reservation management, inventory, and invoices, and improve marketing and interaction with guests.




GuestPro reduces the time spent on common management tasks by 90%.

  • ✔ Reservation and cancellation management
  • ✔ Price and availability updates 
  • ✔ Card validation, charges, and refunds
  • ✔ Drafting and sending emails
Facilidad de uso

Ease of use

GuestPro makes everyone's work easier: hotel professionals, suppliers, and customers.

  • ✔ Easy to use and learn
  • ✔ Quick and free integrations
  • ✔ Useful and readily available reports
  • ✔ Accessible from anywhere and any device
Más potencia

More Power

The GuestPro platform includes PMS, Channel Manager, booking engine, and CRM in a single application.

  • ✔ A single provider, fast and decisive
  • ✔ Centralized and always up-to-date data
  • ✔ Accessible information, open API
  • ✔ PCI-DSS and PSD2 compliance effortlessly
Más venta directa

More Direct Sales

The most advanced online sales platform of the moment, developed over more than 10 years of experience in direct booking.

  • ✔ Sell more on your website than on
  • ✔ A constantly evolving engine
  • ✔ Experts in web design focused on conversion
  • ✔ Google Ads, meta-search engines, and email marketing
Foco en el cliente

Customer Focus

A management system focused on the customer and sales, not the other way around.

  • ✔ Personalization and a 360º customer view
  • ✔ At all stages of the customer journey
  • ✔ Understanding and boosting the experiential value of the hotel product
  • ✔ Facilitating customer control
Cercanía y servicio

Proximity and Service

A young, accessible and continuously evolving company.

  • ✔ Transparency and friendliness
  • ✔ Resolute in the face of possible incidents
  • ✔ Open to requests and feedback
  • ✔ Constant improvement of our solutions