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El PMS -all-in-one- centrado en el cliente y la venta directa.

More connected, automated
and optimised hotels.

Discover GuestPro's vertical cloud technology,
the PMS focused on customers and direct sales.


-40% time

Booking management


-60% errors

Preventable errors


-50% tasks

Manual work


-90% dispersion

Data quality

A single application for the entire hotel industry vertical

GuestPro includes PMS, Channel Manager, CRM, RMS, operations app, customer app and booking engine.
One solution for all the interactions in the customer journey.

  • Your distribution under control

    Channel Manager · GuestPro directly connects your favourite channels, without intermediaries. This reduces the number of error points and therefore minimises potential issues and problems.

    RMS · GuestPro's Revenue Management features provide pricing intelligence and make it easier and faster to review and update rates. No integration needed. Easy and fast, better.

  • Revolutionise your direct channel

    Booking engine · The GuestPro Direct booking engine provides a simple and effective experience so customers can make their reservations directly on your website. Discover all the potential of a booking engine that is natively integrated with your PMS.

    Metasearch · GuestPro Direct is directly integrated with Google Hotel Center, which means your hotel's prices will stand out from the rest. Now, it's only up to you and your team for the price on your website to always be the lowest!

  • Build customer relationships

    CRM · Use the time between when the booking is made and the guest arrives to build customer relationships. GuestPro's automated email features allow you to offer upgrades, pre-stay questionnaires, services and information of interest. Build loyalty and reduce the number of cancellations.

    Customer app · WebDesk is much more than an online check-in. Guests can use it for upgrades, check-ins and pre-payments, and even to modify or cancel bookings (coming soon). Empower your customers whilst freeing up your staff.

  • Daily operations are easier and more optimised

    PMS · GuestPro has been designed to address the most advanced needs of all management aspects. It adapts perfectly to the complex operations of leisure hotels and the everyday elements of city hotels. You can also rely on GuestPro to manage unattended hotels.

    Operations app · Discover the benefits of fully digitalising the operations, front desk, housekeeping and maintenance departments, and of the vertical model by working with experts in every department.

  • Build loyalty and measure customer satisfaction

    Customer app ·Would you like to know if guests are happy with their stay? Measure their degree of satisfaction and make the check-out process easier.

    CRM · Departing guests are happy with their holiday experience. Keep that feeling alive with direct and segmented contact. Make them want to come back. Or better yet, get them to recommend you.

  • Communication remains active

    CRM · Make the most of your CRM database and keep guests interested on key dates using a newsletter and special offers. Segment target audiences for more effective communication.

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