GuestPro Direct, conversion and loyalty
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5 million bookings annually, €100 million in commission fee savings.

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El PMS -all-in-one- centrado en el cliente y la venta directa.

Conversion and loyalty.

GuestPro differentiates the direct channel and offers an unbeatable user experience to win over customers.



Quadruple your website traffic
compared with


700K usuers

Loyalty club
with levels and points


30M€ in extras

During the booking process
and with confirmed reservations


500K emails

Integrated CRM: more revenue
and fewer cancellations

GuestPro Direct

The booking engine for those who want to optimise the profitability of their direct channel.

  • What users need to make a reservation

    Simple and user-friendly experience · GuestPro Direct offers a meticulous experience with attention to detail, diagonal navigation (rightward and downward) and native user interface elements such as selectors and buttons to create an intuitive and direct experience throughout the booking process.

    Ease = peace of mind · GuestPro Direct's easy and accessible navigation is the result of a top-quality y design system and the Principle of Least Astonishment POLA applied to our UX design. The aim is to give users full control of the booking process through the use of intuitive navigation, without unexpected events. Users feel secure when they have control, leading to greater confidence and higher revenue in the direct channel.

  • Clearly show the benefits of the direct channel

    Contextual messages · GuestPro Direct makes it possible to place signs with contextual messages in the booking process. These messages are designed to show the benefits of booking through the direct channel and can be configured in many ways to include terms, discounts and board bases.

    Transparency and clarity · GuestPro's booking engine displays information clearly and transparently, making it possible to stand out according to price and better policies, such as exclusive terms that can even be linked to the loyalty club level, or deferred payments.

  • Strengthening purchase impulses

    Guided navigation · GuestPro Direct places a strong focus on intuitive navigation, (diagonally, rightward and downward). This is why we place the most important elements strategically in the top left corner (with a floating view on mobile screens) and the CTAs in the bottom right corner. This layout and the context-based dynamic CTAs lead users to subconsciously complete the booking process.

    Triggers · Placed strategically throughout the booking process, GuestPro Direct has a series of trigger messages that guide customers and "help" them continue the booking process. These messages are divided into three categories: green for positive reinforcement, orange for opportunity, and red for urgency. Their undeniable neural effect has been verified through A/B testing for years, and GuestPro uses the same model as

  • Redefine your customer engagement strategy

    Automated email · Recover unconfirmed bookings, thank customers for their reservation, offer upselling alternatives, confirm via paylink, important/interesting information before arrival, pre-check-in questionnaire, online check-in request, request guest review or survey, etc. The possibilities are endless for designing your communication strategy.

    Hyper-segmentation · The degree of segmentation is unlimited when sending an email to the guest can be set as a requirement for a detail linked to a booking. The greater the segmentation, the greater the personalisation, and therefore the greater a customer engagement strategy's success.

  • Impeccable integration to always be on top

    The importance of Excellent · Did you know that Google has different categories for integrations with Google Hotel Ads? The new integration developed by GuestPro always guarantees maximum quality and eliminates any type of disparity, regardless of the search engine configuration.

    Finding customers · We pay attention to every detail and use precise deep links and perfect landing pages so customers can take control, increase their faith in the hotel and complete the booking process, directly to the reservation, seamlessly and with full trust in the process.

  • Build loyalty better than Genius

    User registration · Discount for customers who register in the booking engine. The idea is simple and equivalent to Booking's Genius. It's the most basic form of a loyalty club. Offer better terms or at least grab that lead.

    Levels · Everyone knows that our industry has a low level of recurrence, so it is essential to understand that "all customers are not created equal". Offer discounts and special terms to customers who meet the corresponding requirements. Move up to the next level.

    Points system · A points system has a tremendous amount of power. It creates incentives for customers to perform actions that interest us, but above all, it "captivates" customers by ensuring they remember us as they try to redeem the points they have earned (or purchased - coming soon)

  • Increase revenue with additional services

    Pre-stay upselling for bookings from any channel · GuestPro WebDesk allows customers to purchase extras at any time prior to their arrival, particularly during the online check-in process, but also beforehand or without having to complete it.

    Modifying direct channel reservations (coming soon) · Allows changing dates, adding or removing rooms, modifying the board basis, and more. Frees up the reservations department and gives customers full control.

    Front desk upselling (coming soon) · A user-friendly interface for front desk employees that does not require upselling tables and allows implementing an incentive programme for front desk staff.

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