GuestPro Easy Implant

One of our key principles when undertaking something complex or challenging is that it can always be divided into simpler and more attainable parts. The eight phases of our "Easy Implant"  process help us launch GuestPro easily and tailored to each client.

1. Configuración de la estructura

1. Structural configuration

Tell us about your hotel.

We must first understand the hotel and how it is marketed to create a snapshot of the establishment's framework.  

To do this, we send the client a simple Excel template to obtain information about the rooms, types of board basis, policies and other basic features of the hotel. 

Once we receive the template with the information filled out, we review it with our implementation team to clear up the details and obtain a definitive structure.

2. Configuración operativa y financiera

2. Operational and financial configuration

Let's move on to the details.

Once we have configured the system with the initial structure, we focus on the operational details and prepare everything so we can receive the historical data, create invoices and do the accounting data dump.

Just like in the first step, in the second step we also send the hotel an Excel template to be filled out.

Once the hotel returns the template with the information filled out, we once again review it with our technical team to clear up the details.

3. Importación de clientes y reservas

3. Data import

Reservations and customers, past and future.

At this point, the system is fully prepared to receive data. We can load data about customers and reservations. To deploy the system to production, it is important to have updated information about all the hotel's reservations, particularly future ones.

To do so, we give the hotel several options: 

  • Upload via Excel or CSV files
  • Upload via API
  • "Live" integration with the current PMS (check cost and supported PMS)

The most common method is to upload via Excel or CSV. A minimum of two imports are usually done: the first to begin testing and the second directly before deploying GuestPro to production so the data is as updated as possible.

4. CRM

4. CRM

Templates and communication strategy.

Once the data is available in the PMS, the templates and email automations needed by the hotel should be prepared. This usually includes the following templates:

  • Quote (paylinks)
  • Confirmation
  • Thank you
  • Pre-check-in (online check-in)
  • Check-in (traveller form, terms)
  • Post-stay

Our team provides proposed templates and an initial automation strategy, and the client can always provide feedback, request changes or even create their own templates.

5. Integraciones

5. Integrations

Connect to power on.

Although the hotel is ready to begin operating, we will usually need to fine-tune all the integrations. At this point, we complete the configuration and confirm that everything works properly. The following are usually integrated:

  • Online payment systems (usually the bank's POS with Redsys)
  • PIN pad or payment terminal at the front desk
  • Document reader or scanner
  • Key system
  • POS terminal for the restaurant/cafeteria
  • Accounting data dump
6. Formación

6. Training

Ready, set...

GuestPro differentiates between two types of users: Power Users ("champions") and the rest of the hotel staff.

For a successful implementation, the hotel must assign one or several people to participate throughout the implementation process and have a greater understanding of the system. These are usually the most technical staff members or the highest authorities responsible for the hotel's operations.

Power Users are the point of contact with GuestPro and also help answer questions from other hotel staff members.

Our team will offer joint training sessions for all other employees, including front desk, maintenance and housekeeping staff. This training will usually take place on the days leading up to the launch. The sessions last approximately 45 minutes and user manuals are provided. The training can be recorded for future reference.

In summary, our method includes ongoing personalised training for Power Users and joint training sessions for the hotel's departments.

    7. Puesta en producción

    7. Production start-up


    Several tasks must be performed on the launch date, such as:

    • Checking the reservations (particularly in-house customers with open hotels)
    • Re-connecting sales channels and the channel manager
    • Initial support and guidance for employees

    Once the launch date has been set, our team will coordinate with the hotel to ensure everything goes smoothly and no major issues arise.

    This step is as simple as disconnecting your existing PMS, connecting GuestPro and continuing to work with the new system. 

    Some people adapt to change faster than others, but once the initial shift has been overcome, everyone will adjust and be happy with the change. After the new system is up and running, work will be easier for all of the hotel's departments.

      8. Seguimiento inicial

      8. Initial follow-up

      We remain by your side.

      Our team will remain in constant contact with the hotel to make the necessary adjustments and provide support during the first few days and weeks that GuestPro is in use at the hotel.

      In the beginning, it is common for improvements to specific system features to arise and the decision may be made to revise internal procedures. Usually, CRM templates and internal processes can be modified or improved, and any questions or unforeseen circumstances are resolved.

      Our team will be available to answer any questions that arise and to optimise all the operations processes that may be improved.

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