GuestPro Manager, the cloud-based PMS
for hotels with advanced operations

Implemented at over 250 hotels, with 20,000 rooms managed.

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El PMS -all-in-one- centrado en el cliente y la venta directa.

The power of simplicity.

Easy to use and learn, GuestPro is designed according to the most widely accepted industry models, such as the OTA standard.


2,5M bookings

-50% time savings
for booking management


+200M emails

Automated emails
and campaigns


+100K guests

Check-in documents
signed digitally


+250K euros

Customer payments
in online check-in

GuestPro Manager

The PMS for the latest operations and the most disruptive distribution strategies.

  • Robust and easy to use

    Ultra-optimised booking management · Reduces the time invested in booking management to a minimum. Thanks to GuestPro's power and ease of use, the need for revisions and manual tasks is drastically reduced.

    Versatile and intuitive · All the operations processes are simple to perform. The hotel team can work efficiently and confidently from the onset, without long adjustment periods.

    Data and reports · Obtain the information you need directly and intuitively thanks to GuestPro reports. All the information can be accessed quickly, intuitively and directly. Make business decisions confidently using reliable data available in real-time.

  • The PMS designed to connect

    Inventory control · With GuestPro's inventory control tools, price updates are simple and the time spent on inventory management tasks is minimal. 

    Self-derivations · GuestPro has a powerful supplement system that will lower the number of rates in your inventory so they are manageable for staff members, thereby simplifying their work and reducing the potential for errors.

    Direct integrations · GuestPro is directly connected to the leading sales channels and channel managers on the market. It is also connected to top tour operators and downloads bookings through web scraping.

  • Customers are your business

    Integrated interaction · GuestPro makes it possible to send and automate customer emails directly from the PMS, featuring a powerful system of templates, fully integrated and without the need for external tools.

    Customer knowledge · GuestPro makes it possible to track the sent email log and other customer actions (such as bookings, payments, calls and messages), and then cross-reference this information with data about bookings, complaints and reviews left by the customer on portals such as GuestPro also has a powerful tool for establishing automatic segmentation rules with customer and booking tags. No integration needed. Easy and fast, better.

    End-to-end segmenting · GuestPro's customer and booking filters make it possible to do incredibly detailed segmentation. For example, GuestPro allows you to create an audience of all the customers who made a reservation on with a non-refundable rate during last year's Christmas season and who purchased the spa service. An email this personalised makes it possible to create highly effective special offers. No integration needed. Easy and fast, better.

  • Have customers work for you

    Automated front desk · Allows customers to perform the most common tasks autonomously. Guests will appreciate it and your team will no longer have to perform tedious tasks.

    Online check-in, automated payments and upgrades · Beyond a simple online check-in, GuestPro WebDesk includes upgrade and payment gateway features with credit card tokenization for later use if needed.

    Unattended hotels · Various integrations make GuestPro the perfect PMS for unattended hotel operations that are completely automated and transparent for customers.

  • 100% digital operations

    Digital front desk · GuestPro's front desk app makes it possible to digitally sign traveller forms and other documents, scan simple documents, request billing details, and submit invoices and proforma invoices for customer approval.

    Housekeeping and digital maintenance · The operations app allows housekeeping and maintenance teams to work easily with their mobile, synchronised in real-time with the front desk, so work can be organised fluidly and intuitively.

  • Effective price optimisation

    Revenue report · GuestPro includes a revenue management report inspired by the best revenue management school. It allows you to see, in a single screen, all the indicators needed to make the right pricing decisions.

    Easy, fast and convenient · Our revenue tools have been designed for convenient and fast use, allowing you to view all the indicators at a glance and adjust rates accordingly, without having to switch to another screen or refresh the existing one. Work is done quickly, easily and conveniently to help optimise your time by focusing on tasks that truly matter.

    Budget and compset·Use the multiple report views to obtain a clear and reliable perspective of the current situation so you can take the action needed to reach your goals head-on.

  • Integrated and automated charges

    Frictionless payments · GuestPro makes it possible to integrate charges with payment platforms such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Bizum, resulting in higher revenue and upselling in online check-in processes.

    Card tokenization · With GuestPro's automated email features, paylinks can be sent to guarantee bookings for non-guaranteed reservations (without card details) and quotes. Card tokenization is also used for online check-in or front desk payments with TPV-PC (PIN pad).

    Webservice, automations and deferred payments · GuestPro can process deferred payments and reimbursements directly with the banking platform, without leaving the booking interface. Webservice transactions can also automate virtual card charges ( and instalment payments according to predefined charge rules.

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